A few days ago, I had migrated my blog from Wordpress.com to my personal domain. I used 000webhost.com as my free host. Since my experience with them was not at all positive, I won't post a link here.

000webhost.com promises a large amount of storage and various other features, including 99% uptime, to free users. After I signed up with them and went through the trouble of setting up my site, their server came under DDOS attack, rendering my site inaccessible. After reading some online reviews, I think there are two possibilities:

  1. They have a lot of enemies because of poor service/shady business practices.
  2. They are purposefully withholding service to get free users to upgrade to their (quite expensive) paid plan.

These two possibilities are not mutually exclusive. Suffice to say that free always comes at a price.

I've since moved on to Hostgator.com, which has some pretty good internet reviews. Service so far seems decent; the DNS propagation took minutes as opposed to two days, although I don't know if this is simply because I learned to flush my DNS buffers on Fedora 16. Hostgator usually offers a 25% discount on any purchase through a plethora of coupon codes floating around the internet. Around Black Friday/Cyber Monday the discounts can be as steep as 50-80%, but at this point I'm not willing to wait 7 months.

Hostgator also offers one-click Wordpress install, as well as a bunch of other features.

The theme I am currently using, Clean Home, can be downloaded here. This minimalist theme is by Bryan Helmig of Mid Mo Design.

The official theme on Wordpress.org is NOT the same as the one I am using. There are two versions: the official version and a Dreamhost version. I am using the Dreamhost version, which I believe to be superior in design.