Here are some useful extensions to improve your Gnome 3.2 experience. All extensions can be found at

  1. Alternative Status Menu (by gcampax)
    • Replaces GNOME Shell Status Menu with one showing Suspend/Hibernate and Power Off as separate items
  2. Applications Menu (by gcampax)
    • Add a gnome 2.x style menu for applications
  3. Hide Dash (by zacbarton)
    • If you find you dont use the dash or have a smaller screen you can use this extension to hide the dash and allow the windows and application tabs to have a close to full-screen area.
  4. No Topleft Hot Corner (by azuri)
    • This extension disables the top left hot corner. You can still click on Activities or press the dedicated key to reach the overview.
  5. Overlay Icons (by vdepizzol)
    • Easily discover which application to select by viewing the app icons in the windows overview
  6. Workspace Navigator (by Smotko)
    • Allow selection of workspaces with up and down arrow keys in overlay mode
  7. Workplace Switcher Wraparound (by war1025)
    • When switching workspaces, going down from the bottom workspace switches to the top workspace. Likewise, up from the top workspace goes to the bottom workspace.